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Manufacture N Track
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Our web-based order management module provides a fast and efficient order fulfillment process. It allows your admin staff to generate Purchase Requests & Purchase Orders to your suppliers, Sales Orders & Invoices / Delivery Orders for your customers, Transfer Orders for consignment shipments as well as Loan Orders. It also allows for generation of Work Orders for production. Multi-currency & taxes are also supported. Our order management system is often used as the e-fulfilment portion in tandem with multiple e-commerce marketplace & accounting software.

Order Management

The Inventory Tracking System is a comprehensive warehouse management system that helps you manage your receiving, warehousing, kit/de-kit and shipping operations to improve productivity, as well as to ensure efficient logistics execution. Build for simplicity, fast scanning and positive feedback, our system quickly guides the users through their tasks using simple and uncomplicated screens. Also included is the delivery tracking function which can help you automate your delivery process. Our system helps validate all deliveries to make sure the right items are delivered to the customers. Signature capture is also provided as proof of delivery

Inventory Tracking

Our Work In Progress (WIP) Tracking Module optimizes the deployment of your barcode data collection system to put you in control of your manufacturing operations. This system tracks your Work In Progress (WIP) with parent/child serial/batch number history, your labor timing and status, as well as production and quality defects. It also caters for your Work Order, Build of Materials (BOM) and Routing Sequence. We are also able to integrate with market leading ERP systems to increase your overall efficiency and productivity throughout your plant.

WIP Tracking

Our web-based time and labor tracking module is specially designed to help companies electronically extend their time attendance for their visitors/employees as well as labor tracking for their employees at the warehouse, retail outlets or production area. It provides a simple clock in / clock out function for their visitors/employees to record their attendance or when their employees start / stop work & to capture the labor hours against an event / work order number. The details can easily be exported to a spreadsheet or integrated to a 3rd party HR system through our APIs.

Time & Labor Tracking

Simplify your business with our web-based Point of Sales (POS) System. Whether you are in a retail outlet, a temporary sales location or a warehouse, all you need is a PC with internet connection, and any printer connected to your PC, and the system will be up and running. Our POS keeps track of your sales and collections and also manages your inventory when used together with our Inventory Management module. Also included is a mobile order taking function. This module provides your field sales person with the ability to take orders while they are on the go.

Catalog Management

Mobile computing and barcode technology are today’s standard for industrial data collection because of its low cost, high reliability and ease of use. Our Mobile Computing Tracking System has all the tools to automate data collection across your entire supply chain operations. These mobile devices usually come integrated with barcode scanners as well as LAN & WAN networking capabilities. Build to withstand harsh industrial environments, these devices can withstand multiple drops on concrete or left out in the sun & rain. By using these devices, you can extend the data capture to the warehouse or shopfloor rather than writing on a piece of paper & then manually inputting the data on a PC later.

Mobile Computing

Our Barcode Label Printing System allows barcode labels to be printed from a basic standalone label printer to any Windows supported printer in your network, completely integrated with our software modules. Besides being able to do general printing of labels (via the use of a label designer), it also allows direct printing of product master details as well as batch or serial number from the database. Depending on your company’s requirement, these printers can be configured to print paper or plastic labels. We have a complete range of labels & ribbons to meet your printing needs.

Barcode Label Print

Our system is designed to optimize auto data capture as it is key to increasing the efficiency of your supply chain. Our transaction screens are tailor made to the “blue collar” workers to maximize the use of barcode scanning technology. Built for simplicity, it quickly guides your frontline workers through a series of simple & uncomplicated screens allowing for scanning whenever possible instead of manually keying the data. Our auto data capture supports common technologies like 1D/2D barcodes

Auto Data Capture