Daikin Airconditioning (S) Pte Ltd

Daikin Airconditioning (S) Pte Ltd is one of the leading favorite household brands for airconditioning in Singapore. With multiple awards and accolades under her name, Daikin Singapore was also voted as PMEB’s Most Favorite Air Conditioner Brands.

Daikin Singapore has been one of MuRho Solutions’ pioneering customers since 2006. Over the last 8 years, MuRho has played a pivotal role in scaling up Daikin’s expansion by providing software to automate their logistical operations.

MuRho expertise was called upon when Daikin wanted to automate their warehouse tracking capability with a barcode inventory tracking solution. One of their key requirements was that the MuRho Track N Scan System has to be seamlessly integrated with their SAP system.

MuRho’s capability in complimenting their SAP Inventory Management (IM) Module enabled Daikin Singapore to efficiently track their air conditioners’ inventory & serial numbers in real time through the user of bar code scanners and mobile computers.

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Airbus Helicopters South East Asia (AHSA)

Established in 1997 in Singapore, Airbus Helicopters South East Asia (AHSA) is responsible for the sales and customer support activities for the entire range of Airbus Helicopters’ aircraft for 15 territories in the region. Its regional coverage today of 15 territories includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. AHSA is an all-rounded service center providing sales services, customer support activities such as customization, maintenance & inspection, modification & retrofit, sale of spares as well as technician & pilot training courses.

MuRho’s customers who are involved in Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) often deal with  hundreds or thousands of spare parts per day. The spare parts that are used on a daily or almost daily basis in MRO activities are termed as “bench stock”. Spare parts like gaskets, nuts, bolts, screws and washers are classified as “bench stock” items. Although bench stock items are generally low-cost, these items are utilized at high volumes and unpredictable rates. As such, it is crucial for every MRO to maintain a well-stocked store of bench stock items.

MRO providers like Airbus Helicopter South East Asia who are involved in the maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery, leverage on MuRho’s Track N Scan solution for easy stock monitoring, cycle counts and stock replenishment. The main advantages of the Track N Scan are that the solution uses automated barcode technology to perform the inventory tracking and it can be deployed immediately.

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NTUC FairPrice

In 1973, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) of Singapore launched a supermarket co-operative called NTUC Welcome. It became known as NTUC Fairprice Co-operatie after merging with Singapore Employees Co-operative (SEC) in early eighties.

Today, FairPrice has grown to become the leading supermarket retailer in Singapore. It has a retail network all over Singapore. FairPrice reported the sales of more than S$1.42 billion in the last financial year 2007 and a staff strength of over 5,000

Traditionally, NTUC FairPrice used simplistic competing wired barcode readers to track the codes of products in the stores which lacked the capability of validating the codes read, has no flexibility nor portability, thus limiting usage in the wired areas only.

NTUC FairPrice began to explore the possibility of using powerful barcode reading capable mobile computers for store operations, improve inventory control and tracking, as well as enabling a more intelligent platform for future application development and deployment.

Today, NTUC FairPrice is already reaping the benefits of this intelligent mobile and wireless platform.

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Nippon Paint

A fresh coat of paint with the right color and distinctive paint properties can inject a new lease of life into every living space. And Nippon Paint knows the importance of how the right paints can fulfill the needs of every one of their customers and adding bliss to their living and working spaces.

In the incidents of wrong deliveries, the investigating team traced them to the misreading of color codes by human handlers. Nippon Paint produces about 1,000 tonnes of paint every month, with a stringent ISO 9000 and ISO 14000-compliant process, environment, and resource-centric operation. Since there are literally hundreds of colors (with each having a unique color code) and various types of paints, in varied volume containers (1, 5, 7, and 20 liters respectively), the task of managing the process workflow and production can be daunting on human handlers, many of whom are older workers. Nippon Paint’s core beliefs, being customer-centric and employee-friendly, prompted the company to gather customer feedback in order to streamline its work process and improve its accuracy of delivery.

In the beginning of 2006, Nippon Paint started to make some simple changes by implementing an barcoding system to its operations in Singapore, with the support from MuRho. Nippon Paint’s goal was to improve the accuracy of paint delivery, while reducing administrative work.

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NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited

Digitising business processes can lead to greater operations control with faster turnaround time at lower costs. Organisations that handle a large number of documents such as NTUC Income often leverage automated systems to scale up their operations.

Income is the only insurance co-operative in Singapore. It was established in 1970 to provide affordable insurance for workers in Singapore and make essential insurance accessible to all Singaporeans regardless of their financial standing. Today, they are a leader in life, health and general insurance. With their wide network of financial planners and partners, they provide insurance products and services to serve the protection, savings and investment needs of over two million customers across all social segments of Singapore.

The typical process for organisations handling policies or confidential personal documents is to first digitise and save the original documents in a central repository system. The physical policies / documents are then packed in boxes and archived in the mainstore for a stipulated number of years. In the event of an audit query, or if there is a need to return the original documents to the owner, staff would need to know exactly where to find the box containing these documents. MuRho’s Track N Scan Solution eradicates the time-consuming process of conducting a manual search. Even if there are thousands of boxes and documents within the store, Track N Scan can easily display the location of all the boxes, as well as the policy / document numbers kept inside each box.

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Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA)

The Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA), which is currently the oldest active charitable Muslim organization in Singapore, was set up on 25 June 1904 to look after the welfare of the poor and underprivileged Muslims. In the 1940s, the MTFA rented a house to function as an orphanage for boys. Less than 20 years later, the Darul Ihsan Orphanage (for boys) was built. 20 years after that, in 1980, the Darul Ihsan Orphanage (for girls) was completed. The creation of the orphanages was MTFA’s most notable contribution to the Muslim community in Singapore. Both orphanages aim to look into the holistic development of each orphan, in the areas of spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive, social and moral growth.

One of the key missions of the MTFA is to provide financial assistance to the needy through financial aids for orphans and religious schools, disbursement of educational awards and provision of free burial services. In order to sustain the financial support to their beneficiaries, MTFA relies on different sources of funding through revenue collected from the rental of MTFA’s various properties, as well as cash donations and donations-in-kind from the public. One of the main challenges MTFA faced in managing donations-in-kind was the tracking of perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, dry and wet foodstuff. Without a robust system in place to record, track and distribute these items based on expiry dates, staff faced an uphill task to manage these donations effectively.  Hence, MuRho’s Track N Scan Solution was instrumental to MTFA’s success as the system could easily integrate with MTFA’s existing procedures. The inventory system was excellent for tracking highly perishable items and items with a limited shelf-life. This was because the system was capable of capturing the items based on a specific batch number or expiry date. This made it extremely easy for the staff to sort through the entire database to identify, pick and issue, and prioritize items that are closest to the expiry dates. By leveraging on a simple inventory management software, the amount of food wastage was greatly minimized and the amount of donated items that reached the intended recipients was greatly maximized.

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GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd

GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd is an online wholesaler and sole distributor for many technologically advanced waterproof equipment and accessories. Their main goal is to retail, import and export new, innovative gadgets that can be used in many industries. They specialize mainly in measuring instruments, waterproof cases, diving flashlights, air ion counters, electromagnetic field detectors and paranormal investigation devices.

GMM Technoworld started out with humble beginnings as a home office in 2003 and subsequently expanded their operations in a rented HDB shop. Due to rising rental and manpower costs, the company closed their shop front operations and ventured online. The move proved to be a shrewd business decision as their sales margin increased. As business grew, staff strength increased to cope with the orders both locally and internationally. At the same time, the constant inbound and outbound of new and existing products from their import and export transactions became a big challenge to track. MuRho Track N Scan Solution was a perfect fit for GMM requirements: a cost effective and affordable web based inventory tracking system with an order management function that was easy for staff and management to use, which greatly increased productivity and reduced inefficiencies and human errors in their operations.

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Full House Building Construction Pte Ltd

Full House Building Construction Pte Ltd was established in 1994 as a plumbing and sanitary specialist. The construction landscape since Singapore’s post-independence years had seen a gradual transformation: from tackling the urgent housing shortage in the 1960s, setting up a regulatory system to improve building maintenance and safety standards in the 1970s, exploring technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity in the 1980s, to emphasizing on the quality, accessibility and sustainability for a greener urban future from the 1990s. The 1990s was also the period when Singapore’s economic structure became more diversified. The Economic Development Board shifted its focus from the manufacturing sector to new key industries in the chemical, electronics, engineering and biomedical science sectors. To keep up with the economic expansion, a decentralized system was introduced to develop new growth centres in various satellite towns and HDB towns. This led to an increase in business opportunities as the number of projects grew.

Over the years, the company expanded into the building and construction sector and shifted their focus to Design & Build and Additions & Alterations projects. To date, they have managed projects for several government and commercial entities such as Central Provident Fund Board, Changi Airport Group, EM Services, Far East Organization, Mapletree Investments, National Parks Board, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the Singapore Sports Council. Due to the increase in business, staff strength and resources were beefed up to cope with the volume of transactions. It was then that Management realized they needed to invest in an automated inventory management system which could help them minimize their dependency on paper trails, and at the same time track their inventory and cost. MuRho Track N Scan Solution provided access to real-time information, improved product recall capabilities, achieved data accuracy and increased overall productivity and efficiency.

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Richinn Technologies Pte Ltd

Richinn Technologies Pte Ltd was formed in 2004 to provide enhanced business solutions for sheet metal processing to various industries. Their business strategy is to deliver high quality sheet metal parts within the shortest turnaround time.

Over the past 12 years, Richinn Technologies has leveraged on state-of-the-art technology to maintain the highest quality standards and workmanship achievable. By investing in sophisticated laserjet and waterjet cutting machines, Richinn Technologies has gained a competitive edge in the industry. They are capable of providing 30% faster turnaround time for thinner materials, thereby ensuring on time deliveries and cost-effective pricing to their customers. By being able to improve their customers’ workflow productivity better, in turn their customers are able to pass the benefits to their own customers.

As business expanded and the company grew, management deployed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to collect, store, manage and interpret data from various business activities such as product planning, purchasing, invoicing and manufacturing. There is a fundamental advantage from an ERP system in that it integrates a myriad of business processes so that Management is equipped to make decisions faster and more effectively. However, the limitation in the Inventory Module within Richinn Technologies’ ERP is that it could not track inventory across multiple locations. This is where MuRho’s Track N Scan Solution comes into the picture. Track N Scan allows the creation of an inexhaustive number of locations, and is able to track and zoom in on the exact location of each project in real-time. By implementing the Track N Scan in tandem with the ERP system, Management is now able to achieve greater traceability over their projects and full visibility over their project status.

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Chong Cheong Foundry Works Pte Ltd

Chong Cheong Foundry Works Pte Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of quality cast iron casting and pipe fittings in Singapore. The company was founded in 1963 and started out with the manufacturing of cast iron pipe fittings for HDB projects.

Over the past 50 years, Chong Cheong has grown from strength to strength and their range of products and services now include manhole covers, marine and engineering casting, wooden pattern making and machining services. All their products are regularly tested by TÜV SÜD PSB and are ISO certified for product quality and compliance. Providing products with consistent quality control, ensuring on time delivery and achieving customer satisfaction are hallmarks of Chong Cheong Foundry Works.

With the growth of the business, there was a constant increase of inbound and outbound parts. Due to the physical limitation of space in the warehouse, individual parts and finished parts had to be placed in racks and stacked in numerous vertical columns, all placed in close proximity. This made it very difficult to source for or account for each item especially when some of the racks are partially hidden from view. Hence, an urgent need for an effective web based inventory tracking system arose. MuRho Track N Scan Solution enabled real time validation for production reporting. By tapping on a simple and robust solution, there was an immediate improvement of product recall capabilities, resulting in a faster turnover time, minimizing of human errors and reduced overheads.

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