SELL N TRACKTrack N Scan Retail Edition



Working in conjunction with the Cash Sales and Mobile Cash Sales Modules, our web-based Order Management System provides a fast and efficient order fulfilment process. It caters for your inbound, outbound and transfer transactions. Our system also helps you manage your purchase orders, transfer order, delivery order, invoices, cash sales, etc. You can also download customers orders from other e-commerce websites or 3rd party systems with our sets of standard APIs to do your order fulfilment.



Regardless of whether it is your sales rep or a van-sales deliveryman visiting a customer, our Mobile Sales Ordering System is able to help you automate your sales order taking process as well as to provide a Mobile Cash Sales environment. This module provides your field sales person with the ability to take orders accurately and manage delivery by eliminating mistakes.



Simplify your business with our web-based Cash Sales System. Whether it is in a retail outlet, a temporary sales location or a warehouse, all you need is a PC with internet connection, and any printer connected to your PC, and the system will be up and running.

Our Cash Sales System keep track of your sales and collections as well as manages your inventory when used together with our Inventory Management module.



The Inventory Tracking System is a comprehensive warehouse management system that helps you manage your receiving, warehousing and shipping operations to improve productivity, as well as to ensure efficient logistics execution.

Build for simplicity, fast scanning and positive feedback, our system quickly guides the users through their task using simple and uncomplicated screens.



Mobile computing and barcode technology is today’s standard for industrial data collection because of its low cost, high reliability and ease of use.

Our Mobile Computing Tracking System has all the tools to automate data collection across your entire supply chain operations.



Our Delivery Tracking System is able to help you automate your delivery process as well as to track the delivery status in real-time. Designed to work with barcode scanning, our solution helps you scan and validate all deliveries to make sure the right items are delivered to the customers.

This app is built for simplicity and quickly guides your delivery team through their task using simple and uncomplicated screens.



Our web-based Inventory & Delivery Management System provides for a fast and efficient order fulfilment process. It caters for your inbound, outbound and transfer transactions.

Our system helps you manage your purchase orders, material request, delivery order, invoices, transfer order, etc. Our Inventory Management System is able to integrate with market leading ERP systems to increase your overall efficiency and productivity throughout your warehouse.



Our Barcode Label Printing System allows barcode labels to be printed from a basic stand-alone label printer to any windows support printer in your network.

Completely integrated with our other modules, it allows direct printing of product master details as well as batch or serial number from the database.



Catalogues are effective only if they are accurate, timely and engaging. With our web-based Catalogue Management System, we can help you customize and update your catalogue with the latest graphics and details any time and anywhere.

The build-in configuration and rules structure easily define and customize your catalogue into various product class and type for ease of display.



Our web-based time and attendance tracking module is specially designed to help companies electronically extend their time & attendance tracking for their employees at the warehouse, retail outlets or production area . It provides a simple clock in / clock out function for their employees to record when they start/stop work or when they have their meals/break as well as the actual duration. It helps companies determine their employees’ actual productive time while they are at work. It is part of the Track N Scan family of software products: an integrated suite of solutions designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the warehouse, retail outlets or production area.