The following case studies highlight real customer applications.
Learn how leading companies in Singapore have incorporated the Track N Scan System into their processes to cut costs, enable end-to-end traceability, and ensure accuracy.

Daikin Airconditioning (S) Pte Ltd is one of the leading favorite household brands for airconditioning in Singapore. With multiple awards and accolades under her name, Daikin Singapore was also voted as PMEB’s Most Favorite Air Conditioner Brands.

Daikin Singapore has been one of MuRho Solutions’ pioneering customers since 2006. Over the last 8 years, MuRho has played a pivotal role in scaling up Daikin’s expansion by providing software to automate their logistical operations.

MuRho expertise was called upon when Daikin wanted to automate their warehouse tracking capability with a barcode inventory tracking solution.  One of their key requirements was that the MuRho Track N Scan System has to be seamlessly integrated with their SAP  system.

MuRho’s capability in complimenting their SAP  Inventory Management (IM) Module enabled Daikin Singapore to efficiently track their air conditioners’ inventory & serial numbers in real time through the user of bar code scanners and mobile computers.

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Established in 1997 in Singapore, Airbus Helicopters South East Asia (AHSA) is responsible for the sales and customer support activities for the entire range of Airbus Helicopters’ aircraft for 15 territories in the region. Its regional coverage today of 15 territories includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. AHSA is an all-rounded service center providing sales services, customer support activities such as customization, maintenance & inspection, modification & retrofit, sale of spares as well as technician & pilot training courses.

MuRho’s customers who are involved in Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) often deal with  hundreds or thousands of spare parts per day. The spare parts that are used on a daily or almost daily basis in MRO activities are termed as “bench stock”. Spare parts like gaskets, nuts, bolts, screws and washers are classified as “bench stock” items. Although bench stock items are generally low-cost, these items are utilized at high volumes and unpredictable rates. As such, it is crucial for every MRO to maintain a well-stocked store of bench stock items.

MRO providers like Airbus Helicopter South East Asia who are involved in the maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery, leverage on MuRho’s Track N Scan solution for easy stock monitoring, cycle counts and stock replenishment. The main advantages of the Track N Scan are that the solution uses automated barcode technology to perform the inventory tracking and it can be deployed immediately.

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In 1973, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) of Singapore launched a supermarket co-operative called NTUC Welcome. It became known as NTUC Fairprice Co-operatie after merging with Singapore Employees Co-operative (SEC) in early eighties.

Today, FairPrice has grown to become the leading supermarket retailer in Singapore. It has a retail network all over Singapore. FairPrice reported the sales of more than S$1.42 billion in the last financial year 2007 and a staff strength of over 5,000

Traditionally, NTUC FairPrice used simplistic competing wired barcode readers to track the codes of products in the stores which lacked the capability of validating the codes read, has no flexibility nor portability, thus limiting usage in the wired areas only.

NTUC FairPrice began to explore the possibility of using powerful barcode reading capable mobile computers for store operations, improve inventory control and tracking, as well as enabling a more intelligent platform for future application development and deployment.

Today, NTUC FairPrice is already reaping the benefits of this intelligent mobile and wireless platform.

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A fresh coat of paint with the right color and distinctive paint properties can inject a new lease of life into every living space. And Nippon Paint knows the importance of how the right paints can fulfill the needs of every one of their customers and adding bliss to their living and working spaces.

In the incidents of wrong deliveries, the investigating team traced them to the misreading of color codes by human handlers. Nippon Paint produces about 1,000 tonnes of paint every month, with a stringent ISO 9000 and ISO 14000-compliant process, environment, and resource-centric operation. Since there are literally hundreds of colors (with each having a unique color code) and various types of paints, in varied volume containers (1, 5, 7, and 20 liters respectively), the task of managing the process workflow and production can be daunting on human handlers, many of whom are older workers. Nippon Paint’s core beliefs, being customer-centric and employee-friendly, prompted the company to gather customer feedback in order to streamline its work process and improve its accuracy of delivery.

In the beginning of 2006, Nippon Paint started to make some simple changes by implementing an barcoding system to its operations in Singapore, with the support from MuRho. Nippon Paint’s goal was to improve the accuracy of paint delivery, while reducing administrative work.

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